On the move

Over the last few months the boys have learned to crawl and pull up on everything.  We also got a new compute so I’ve been trying to move pictures and get use to the new programs.  So I’ll try to catch up with pictures in the meantime.

Taken July 30 Jac on left and Henry on the right.

Jac finally up on all fours.

Henry’s beautiful blue eyes.

The rough-housing has begun. (Henry on top and Jac on the floor.)

I tried to take the boys out on our porch to play one afternoon.  They didn’t really love it.

Jac playing in the jumperoo.

Henry wearing his sunglasses.

I’ll try to post more soon.







London calling

Henry on the left and Jac on the right

The view from the front

If drooling were an olympic sport we would be double gold medalist for sure!


Jac on left and Henry on the right

The boys are still a little bit wobbly but they both really enjoy sitting up these days.  I’ve put a big fluffy comforter on the hardwoods after we had a couple good head bonks.





Daddy’s boy

We think Jac’s chubby cheeks are what make this picture.

Here’s Henry’s wonderful smile and laugh that I love so much.

Look Ma…

no hands.

Jac’s superman pose


Half a year

Taken 6/30/12 Henry on the left and Jac on the right.

The boys were quite wiggly for this month’s pictures.  I had to sneak the monthly sticker in because they kept stealing it and scrunching it up.



Here’s the boys latest stats:


Birth weight: 6lb 12oz

1 month weight: 9lb 3 oz

2 month weight: 12lb 0 oz

4 month weight: 17 lb

6 month weight: 19 lb 12 oz


Birth weight: 6lb 4 oz

1 month weight: lb 6 oz

2 month weight: 11lb 4 oz

4 month weight:14 lb 9 oz

6 month weight: 16 lb 8 oz

The boys are getting pretty busy these days.  We’re still going to Occupational Therapy but the boys are doing really well.  Lately we’ve been working with Henry to get him to roll from his tummy to his back and showing them how to get up on all fours so they can start crawling soon.  The therapist always says that they are doing really well and we’re just working out some little things.  They are sleeping pretty well, only getting up once a night usually and two naps a day.  We’ve started solid foods and Jac seems to enjoy them but Henry’s not always sure.  I’ve offered the sippy cup a couple different times but neither of them seem to interested so we’ll just keep trying.  We still enjoy going to the pool and try to go most weekends.  Here’s just one more fun one.



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